Cori says “Come Home for Lunch at Cori’s Hideaway Bistro!”  Are you looking for something wholesome and hearty for lunch?

Cori’s Hideaway Bistro is tucked away at the back of Walnut Grove Commerce Centre – it’s a hidden gem worth checking out the next time you get those hunger pains.

Home made meals and beverages that are prepared with love and always fresh daily for you to enjoy for breakfast to get your day started right, or as your morning or afternoon snack to keep your body fueled and mind sharp while you work, or better still for your well-deserved LUNCH.

It’s a known fact that many of us hard-working individuals tend to skip this important meal of the day, leading to that afternoon crash whereby you need that pick me up.

Let Cori’s Hideaway Bistro take care of your culinary needs and delicious delights so that you can be energized throughout the day!