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image_19“Cori’s Is DELICIOUS
– Diner Review • Oct 07, 2013 – Likes it
Noodle Bowl and Sandwich – What an incredible bistro! We found this tucked away in an office building by following the signs telling us the way to Cori’s, Inside is so charming, clean and welcoming and Cori personally welcomed us to her restaurant. The food is DELICIOUS! We shared a noodle dish and a three cheese and ham toasted bagel and they were amazing. We will definitely be back.”
“Awesome Sandwiches
Diner Review • Sep 11, 2012 – Likes it
I eat at Cori’s almost 3 times a week, the sandwiches are always interesting and very delicious. Some other reviews say its expensive, but try to find a made from scratch sandwich from top notch ingredients for under $10 anywhere else! You wont.
Also if your bored at work Cori is always there and ready to have a nice long chat! “
“Great salads!!!!image_10
Diner Review • Sep 12, 2013 -Likes it
Chef’s Salad.  Had one of Cori’s chef salads and everything was so fresh with lots of variety. She takes pride in the presentation.Friendly, caring atmosphere in her “special spot”, A hidden gem!!!”
“Mobile review
Diner Review • Mar 01, 2013 – Likes it
The best fresh homemade lunch I have ever had. It was the best part of my 2 weeks operating out of the building. A lovely Cheif who puts a smile on your face and fantastic food in your belly. 10/10!”
image_8“Yummy sandwiches
Diner Review • Nov 29, 2012
Cori’s Hideaway bistro is tucked away in a business building on the industrial side of Walnut Grove. There menus differ everyday, which shows the freshness of their menu. I went to Cori’s Bistro on a rainy day and was greeted by Cori herself. I had a grilled ham and cheese with a blue raspberry lemonade, both were delicious! Cori came to the table and talked to me for a bit since I was eating alone and she is the sweetest woman alive! They’re open from 7 – 3 pm. It gets a little busy around lunchtime due to the offices in the building, so I suggest you to arrive a bit earlier so you can get the specials before they’re sold out!”
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  1. Hi Cori,
    I was in early today for a cup of chicken soup to-go. I just wanted to let you know that it was very tasty. Thank you as well, for the extra treats you gave me. : )

    I’m relatively new to Langley and I have found that there are very few good independent restaurants here. Perhaps given how many years I’ve been in the food service industry (pastry & server) my expectations are a bit too high.
    Anyways, I will be chalking you down as a place to visit again.
    Yours truly,

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